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Divine Light
Welcome to Divine Light Reiki and Health      

You have travelled so far
and now you are finally here.
This is your place of rest and peace.
Please, allow the warm and comfortable spirit
of love and peace to settle into your heart.
You are loved.

While you are here, we invite you to consider the following courses
and therapies so that you might heal, become energized, and raise
your consciousness to Divine heights. In doing so, you will heal
and help others as well. This is our purpose in life: to make the
Divine known to the world.
To love and to live.
Lessons, Therapy, Practice Groups, Products, and Services
Energy Work
Reiki (Usui, Elemental, Imara, Shamanic, Karuna Ki, Kundalini,
Lightarian), Shamballa MD Healing, Buddhic Boost, Craft, Ethereal
Crystals, Crystal Healing, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing,
Chakra Toning, Psychic Surgery, Smudging, Drumming, Soul
Long Distance Healing, Long Distance Courses, Magical Passes
Long Distance Attunements,  Munay-Ki,
Reiki Psychic Attunement, Spells,
Entity Removal

Physical Work
Thai Massage, Reflexology (Foot, Hand, Ear, & Face),
Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S.), Ball Massage, Potions,
Essential Oil Custom Blends for Aromatherapy and Massage
Qi Gong

Mental/Emotional Work
Hypnosis, I Ching, Recapitulation, Meditation,

Spiritual Work
Meditation, Prayer,
(See our "Services" page for more information.)
The list continues to grow with everyone who comes into this place
of healing and learning.

Please, feel free to view the other pages of this site to
learn how you can release and empower your Divine self.
This space was created to help raise the vibration of the
entire world.
Now is
your time to shine brilliantly!

  • You can beat the high cost of health care and
  • You can banish pain and anguish!
  • You can heal yourself and others!
  • You can get and stay happier and healthier-longer!
  • You can dramatically improve your academic, business,
    sports, and personal performance!
  • You can learn the skills that nurses, doctors, and a
    variety of health-care professionals are now learning
    and practicing!
  • You can become a respected leading healer in your
  • You can finally find the peace and joy that surpasses all
When you allow us to share this ancient knowledge of healing,
health, and happiness with YOU...
'If you've tried the rest, come back to the best.'
***ATTENTION: Please, note that your insurance policy may
now cover some of the fantastic treatments listed here. ***


Now accepting Japanese Credit Bureau (a credit card)
through American Express.
A very convenient way to pay (and you get points too)!

Evolve and align yourself now!
Act Now!
(Not all treatments involve a spontaneous "Soul

(Reiki classes come with an N.H.P.C. 5 credit certificate for
each level.)
Usui Reiki level 2- Sunday, Oct. 23rd 10:00 a.m.
Enquire by phone or email. (Classes fill quickly.)
*Coming soon: Great all natural health care, beauty, and
metaphysical products!

Book now! -limit of 4 per class.

(Custom scheduling is available -make your own date.)

Please, note. There are NO "grand masters" of Reiki. It is a self-imposed
artificial title used strictly for ego and business reasons (profit). If you are
seeing someone who calls him or herself a "grand master", my advice is
to stop seeing them. Their ego and business ambitions are standing in the
way of your true, effective healing. "Master" means a student has studied
a certain body of material  and have mastered their ego enough to accept
that they (and you) are students of life: THE DIVINE.
Also, beware of any who may try to extract promises from you to learn
only from them. This is attempt to capture your conscience (and your
wallet). True teachers don't do that.  You are a child of the Divine and are
not to be boxed in by limiting your free will. The Divine is truly free from
human traditions as well as business ambitions and so should you be:

Divine Light Reiki and Health welcomes you.
We of
Divine Light Reiki
and Health
are pleased
and honoured to offer a  
10% discount to A.U.P.E.
, C.U.P.E., and N.H.P.C.
members, police,
firefighters, seniors, as
well as  students.
The physically and/or
mentally handicapped
(as different from
mentally ill) receive a
50% discount on
services or classes.

Please, contact this
office to claim your

We also offer
Gift Certificates.

Individual and
group classes are
available. We can
work with your
schedule and we
have regularly
scheduled classes